The LADDER Project is coming to an end and it is time to draw the conclusions of this three-year innovative project. The project’s advocacy dimension was focusing on three geographical areas and six thematic paths.

Each of the six thematic paths reunited a network of organizations, which worked together to raise awareness on the corresponding area, advocate and support the role of LAs and CSOs for development & DEAR (Development Education Awareness Raising). Their advocacy targeted different levels and stakeholders at EU, national and local level. Precisely, each path worked on the implementation of events and in the publication of recommendations, direct letters and other advocacy papers. See one of the many examples below for checking the activities implemented by each thematic path:

Together all six paths have implemented 16 events and produced 31 outputs exceeding the initial figures foreseen for the project.

Additionally to the six thematic paths LADDER has also an essential geographical approach which is structured throughout three geographical paths. This allows LADDER to extend its outreach and bringing the DEAR concept towards the enlarged Europe. They brought LADDER to the EU Neighbourhood areas by enhancing the role of LAs and CSOs and their role in the sustainable development field and advocating for the empowerment of the local level. Follow the links below to discover examples of what the thematic paths have achieved:

The overall result of the three geographic paths are 5 events and 8 outputs which strengthen DEAR and the localisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Stay tuned to discover all other achievements of the LADDER project!