On 26-27 April 2017, the MED Path of the LADDER project met in Kairouan (Tunisia), in an event jointly organised by ALDA, Lam Echaml and COPPEM (co-coordinators of the MED path).

The two-day event aimed at strengthening the role of LAs and CSOs in the MED area, by promoting a decentralized and ownership-based Neighbourhood Policy.

The Path finalized and approved the Strategic Paper for the LADDER MED Path, edited by Mr Natale Giordano from COPPEM, covering the role of Coordinator of the Path. Given the framework on the geopolitical situation of the Mediterranean area and the EuroMed cooperation, the document analyses the role of the Consortium of LADDER project and opens the view to the advocacy issues.

Furthermore, important improvements have been done on another key-document edited by Mr Moncef Ben Slimane: the “CHARMEDAL – Mediterranean Charter of Democracy and Local Autonomy”, the approval of its final version, as well as the dissemination strategy and next steps are now foreseen. 

The meeting was also the occasion to inaugurate the first Local Democracy Agency (LDA) in the Mediterranean area. Indeed, the LDA will be based in Kairouan and it represents the outcome of a long process of reflection and cooperation among the MED Path partners. The inauguration of the LDA marks an important step for Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, and reinforce ALDA’s efforts for democracy and good governance in the country, as well as in the region.

Contributing also to the achievement of the LADDER’s goals, the LDA will work on the capacity building of local authorities and civil society and it will foster the involvement of youth and women, the exchange of good practices between local actors, and the promotion of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.


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