LADDER stands for Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Raising awareness

It is a 3-year project co-funded by the EU under the DEAR programme. It aims at increasing the multiplier role of Local Authorities, in cooperation with CSOs, for Development Education & Awareness Raising (DEAR) in the EU and in the enlarged Europe (accession countries and European Neighbourhood area).

In line with the DEAR programme, the project’s specific objectives are:
– To strengthen the cooperation between LAs and CSOs and to build their internal capacities to act as “drivers for change” in DEAR
– To inform and sensitize citizens and communities on their role and responsibility on global issues, as well as about the interdependencies between the EU and developing countries, by exploring and testing the most adequate methods of non-formal education

Develop & increase the action of LAs in EU Development & Awareness Raising policies

Strengthen the capacity of LAs and CSOs to act in a sustainable way as drivers for development, fostering their role of multipliers, but also inform, raise awareness and engage citizens in global challenges

26 co-applicants & 20 associates from 18 EU and 17 non-EU countries

EU & Neighborhood (EaP, MED, SEE)


Local Municipality and their journey towards SDGs: the Re-granting projects have started to get the first results!

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The Re-Granting scheme of the LADDER Project has started to bear the first fruits and some of the projects proposed by grassroots organisations and institutions which aim at raising awareness about the core issues [...]

PPC Path Special Initiative: Public-Private Cooperation in Economic Development and Job Creation

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The special initiative on Public-Private Cooperation in Economic Development and Job Creation took place in Rome from 22 to 24 of February 2017. The event explored a variety of issues in PPC, reflected on the major [...]

Is migration a risk? An opportunity? See reactions of the Migration Thematic Path

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The Migration Path, led by SOS Malta, has been following the implementation of migration policies at EU level, bearing always in mind Human Rights and the European values. Advocacy actions are permanently carried out [...]


Upcoming events

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Special initiative: Special initiative Youth : 29-31 May 2017 (tbc) Special initiative South East Europe: October 2017 - Serbia (tbc) Capacity Building Activities: DEAR Trainings & Focus Group Focus Group Italy: May (tbc) "In [...]

Past events

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LADDER Launching Conference: Launching conference of the LADDER project:  “Empowering and engaging citizens in global issues”– 5 June 2015: Article 1 - Article 2 Special Initiative:  Special Initiative on Migration (11-13 November 2015 - Malta) [...]