The LADDER Project has come to an end and many achievements in the field of Development Education and Awareness Raising and in the localization of the SDGs can be stated to be reached… we are now ready for the next adventure to promote DEAR and the SDGs around Europe and beyond. However, let’s not forget to learn from our previous experience!

LADDER has worked towards advancing development education and raising awareness on development issues, implementing its actions and spreading the DEAR approach around Europe and neighborhood areas. These 3 years were characterised by research documents, national and local trainings, Job Shadowing activities, focus groups, national and international events, advocacy actions, creative activities such as the Slogan Competition and the Citizen Journalists’ network, grass-roots actions supported through the re-granting scheme initiative, cultural initiative such as the theatre play “In a better world” and its 11 performances around Europe and so on.

Want to know more?

The LADDER 2017 Report is now online with information and details about the project with a particular focus on the third and last year.

Check here to have a look at it and remember “every new beginning come from a new beginning’s end”!