The aim of the Thematic Path Migration, led by SOS Malta, is to build a body of knowledge that enables Local, National and European Authorities to impact on policies and practices related to migration and development. The path has published a guide with recommendations titled “Good practice guide for Local Authorities engaging with migration and development”.

This guide encourages LAs to collaborate among themselves, to join their resources and exchange knowledge and good practices to lobby national governments in order to encourage them to allocate more resources. It is about dealing with the immediate needs of the migration crisis but also with the long-term integration plan at the local level. The guide provides LAs with concrete ideas of networks they can join (such as the Intercultural Cities programme or CLIP – European network of cities for local integration policies for migrants) and good practices implemented by other Local Authorities. The conclusion are 8 actions that can be taken by LAs:

  1. Join an existing network or create a network;
  2. Launch a national campaign, initiative or project;
  3. Rate cities integration/diversity approach;
  4. Develop a transnational project to address specific emerging issues;
  5. Promote the regularisation, permanent residency and/or achievement of citizenship of migrants;
  6. Enhance knowledge about the migration including its links with the wider global agenda for sustainable development;
  7. Promote and support other initiatives by other actors within the city;
  8. Develop a Strategy for integration and Migration management at local level.

The Migration Path is asserting that migration and development issues are multidimensional and require the participation of all the stakeholders in society. Change of practices depend a great deal on the good will of local actors.

Find a PDF version of the entire guide here.