Salome Lemonjava

Most people think that sunny weather helps to have ა cheerful mood and motivates them, therefore they feel more energetic. Cold, cloudy or rainy day on the contrary makes them feel gloomy and weak and as a result, their energy level drops and they spend all day daydreaming about their bed, worm blanket and chocolate. As for myself, I belong to the minorities who associate the rainy day with good mood, which motivates and increases the capability of working. I try to look my best on such days, love studying and working. I don’t get tired easily. I did inquiry on social networking website “Facebook” and I found out that majority of people prefer nice, warm climate when they feel more energetic.  According to some research people living in cold like Northern European countries are rather conscientious than people living in warm, sunny countries. In other words, people think of climate and energy as directly proportional.

Let’s put aside the topic about the sun and rain and let’s review the title of this article more globally and we’ll see that the Earth climate conditions are very alarming. Subject of reducing usage of gas and implementing more effective ways for energy production in industry is highly discussed matter nowadays which more likely gives us opportunity to live on healthier and cleaner planet earth. The fact that hybrid cars are in the sale, or we can install solar panels on the roofs of houses or the fact that paper is being actively recycled and which is the chance to save our mother earth. We all know how meaningful those steps are for developing healthier environment. In global warming era it’s important for each of us to contribute a little time of our daily lives to help make a difference and as a result we can breathe fresher air, help decrease viruses spreading, protect natural resources and have stable climate conditions on Earth. We can have more stable climate, so at least, we won’t speed up global warming process and won’t become aiding factors.

In general, subjects of climate and energy have been very actual topics nowadays. Discussions regarding these matters opens the official meetings, summits… and continues in non-governmental organizations, in media, at universities… even schoolchildren discuss about it and paint healthy environment on April 22, the day we celebrate the Earth Day. We can say that, we together and individually as well know the danger of rapid climate change, or negative usage of energy can cause exhaustion of resources. But to understand and internalize it – that’s another thing. If all of us individually and together really think about global warming, realize the importance of energy resources and raise awareness, it’s more likely that we’d observe mistakes we make daily. We can name countless examples. For instance, we don’t think about paper recycling when we destroy it, we don’t care about green areas, when it becomes new business opportunity; we don’t plant trees as we don’t give importance whether it’s one more or one less in numbers. The idea that “big deal if I have no time to care about planting trees, there’s no harm in it. Someone else will take care of it”…

But if we add one person to another we receive the number, isn’ it?

Doesn’t healthy environment mean the future?

Salome Lemonjava

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