On 8-9 November 2016, Nikos Gamouras, PM of the LADDER project, participated at the First Learning & Exchange Forum- European NGDOs addressing shrinking civic space organized by CONCORD in collaboration with HAND (Hungary) in Budapest.

The Forum represented an opportunity for CONCORD members to enhance information exchanges and mutual learning regarding the defence of civic space. In particular, the structure of the Forum allowed the participants not only to assist to some relevant panel discussions, but also to be involved in an exchange fair and some role plays which pushed them to see the topics from other perspectives and learning from others’ experiences.

During these 2-day exchange event, a number of common challenges such as the changes of government leading to abrupt changes to activist rights, the importance of working on solutions across sectors, and the importance of innovative thinking to find novel ways of responding were highlighted.

The approach, objectives and methodology of the LADDER Project was shared with the participants of the Forum who showed a great interest in its activities during the different sessions of the event and especially during the exchange fair held during the event. In this occasion, Mr. Gamouras had the opportunity to share with the other participants the activities carried on during the first two years of the project including the three level training mechanism and reach-out to the non-converted ones, the advocacy outcomes, the grass roots actions such as the citizen journalists & the re-granting scheme developed in all EU 28 and many others.

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