Salome Lemonjava

Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Tvishi, Ojaleshi, Manavi, Tsinandali – these are the names of Georgian wine and you have possibility to taste them anywhere in the World. Apart from wine we have Bojomi, Nabeglavi, Likani … these are mineral waters and they are being imported abroad as well. As for Georgian delicious sweets, churchkhela it is available in America and some European and Asian countries. There’s at least one Georgian restaurant in every country where they serve Khinkali and tasting it is a must. We also have Georgian bread called “Shoti” which I am assuring you is a delicious.

The fact that Georgian products are exported abroad is the result of collaboration between public and private sectors. Certain businessman, for instance, let’s take Mr. Shalva who owns big vineyards and produces his own wine, takes out a patent for his production and makes successful sale, that’s good profit. More importantly it’s not only beneficial for Mr. Shalva, but it’s beneficial for the budget of the governmentas as well as for our country’s development and popularity… therefore constant dialogue between public and private sectors is one of the basic characteristics for the success. Moreover, it’s important to motive the economy.

That’s exactly what government’s 245-thresolution regarding the affirmation of political collaboration document of public and private sectors refers to. According to guidelines, implementation of legal and economic reforms is Georgian government’s political will, creating attractive environment for investments and engagement of private sectors, experiences of the ultimate technological developments and etc.

One of the examples of renewed seaside cities in Georgia is Batumi, which shows how important is private business’s involvement for infrastructural projects, certainly foreign countries investments are included here as well: “Hilton Batumi”, “Radisson Blue Iveria”, “Sheraton” and etc. Similar renovations have gradually taken place. For me, as the citizen of my country and as for a girl raised in buildings of soviet era, it’s seems to me that we’re taking steps towards the country’s economic development.

By the way, a gorgeous view attracts the eye and even more it release happy hormones named endorphins. So the happier we get, the better chance we have to be included in the world’s happiest countries list, where among 157 countries Georgia is places as 126-th nowadays according to UN latest research. Last year we were 139-th. Let’s put joking aside and if we look at it seriously we’ll understand that creating healthy environment is the key for the development of the country. It means more collaboration, more team work, more dialogues between public and private sectors.

Salome Lemonjava

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