The SDGs workshops have started!

In line with the cascade and capacity building pursued by the LADDER project, several SDG workshops are being held. These workshops follow up on topics related to SDGs, awareness raising and empowerment of local stakeholders. LADDER partner, Donegal County Council implemented the first workshop.


The workshop was held from 25th – 26th September under the title “Community Engagement with the SDG Agenda” and discussed the issues of Community Focused Development Education and Public Engagement in the frame of the Sustainable Development Goals. The workshop involved public servants and educators in the field of development education. Its aim was to promote community engagement in sustainable development and to increase cooperation between LAs, NGOs and CSO in order to make them act as drivers for development. Emphasis was placed on reviewing the lessons learned from the LADDER project over the past 3 years. The event also provided opportunities for future planning and learning for LAs, Community groups and NGOs involved in SDGs awareness raising.

During the workshop Helena McNeill spoke on behalf of Lourdes Youth and Community Services (LYCS), an integrated community based on education, training, recreation and development project which is concerned with giving participants the opportunity to become involved in the development of their community. The LYCS project has a strong background in Development Education as it facilitates its promotion within the community development/education sector in Dublin’s North Inner City and indeed across Ireland. Helena’s presentation was followed by a lively and engaging discussion amongst the participants. Other speakers included Denise McCool from Inishowen Development Partnership, Annette Patton from Changemakers, Dee Abbott and Donna McFeely from Children in Crossfire and Tony Daly, author of “80:20”. Each of the speakers presented their individual works and provided the participants with new ideas of promoting community engagement in sustainable development within their own organisations and communities.

In the upcoming 3 months, another 6 SDG workshops will be implemented by LADDER partners. Stay tuned for more updates on the next SDG workshops.

Useful Resources:

Photogallery of the event