“Our actions at the local level have an impact at the global level”: this is the motto of the LADDER’s video, realised by Progettarte.

The video shows in few minutes the results of the re-granting scheme action of the three-year project LADDER – coordinated by ALDA. The video focuses on some of the micro-projects funded by LADDER, which aim at fostering the implementation of the SDGs at the local level all around Europe.

74 micro-projects have been supported in order to contribute to the LADDER’s mission: raising awareness about global issues and sustainable development throughout the cooperation between Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations. The winning projects provided constructive activities, which have been recognised as an inspiration for citizens, Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations. The selected projects aimed at raising public awareness on global development issues and promoting global citizenship through development education: not only did these projects inform citizens, but they also promoted citizens’ engagement and participation within their area. 1 million citizens from 25 member states were reached by this action!

Willing to know more? Let’s begin our journey!
In Dublin (Ireland) the project “Youth For Peace” brought together many young people involving them in workshops dealing with violence prevention and making them reflecting about the link between global war, conflict and the migration crisis. In the meantime, on the other side of Europe, Rucava County Council (Latvia) promoted a project called “Water – The beginning, the existence and continuation” which aims at protecting the local Baltic Sea area raising awareness on environment pollution of the sea (SDG 14 – Life Below Water). At the end of the project, a movie about this issue will be co-produced by citizens and filmmakers. Moving now to Portugal, the “Butterfly Effect Project” organised a 5-day working camp in order to inform and assert young unprivileged people about sexual and reproductive health and rights. Finally, in Italy the project “GlobalEdu” strengthened the promotion of global citizenship education among social workers.

These projects, taken as examples among all the ones implemented, demonstrate how LADDER project has succeeded in reaching different parts of Europe at the local level, involving different actors (common citizens, LAs and CSOs) and implementing different techniques to succeed in supporting DEAR and SDGs values and objectives. This action has once again revealed that little action at the local level can really contribute to make the world a better place to live in!

All the winning projects for the 2017 Call of Proposals have been announced here: have a look!

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