The theatre play written and performed by Progettarte (LADDER’s partner in charge of the creative component of the project) is continuing its journey around Europe, in order to raise awareness about global issues and promote the LADDER’s mission.

The third date of the tour was performed in March 15th 2017 in the Island of Majorca (Spain). The show was held in the Sala Polivalent des Porrassar in the city of Algaida.  “In a better world” opened the annual assembly of the Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació (LADDER’s Spanish partner). The audience, which gathered together 70 people, participated with great enthusiasm to the show. An opening speech by the major of Algaida Municipality, Mrs. Maria Antónia Mulet, welcomed all the members of Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació to the performance and to their annual assembly. Besides, for the first time, the show was successfully performed in Spanish.

Two days after, Progettarte team moved to France for the fourth date of the tour. On March 17th 2017, the Salle Ockeghem in the city of Tours hosted the artists and the director for their show. The date was organized in cooperation with Dothy’s, a local cultural association, and an audience of 100 of people were  present. As intro of the play, Mr. Francesco Zarzana, author and director of the play, introduced the project showing videos and photos from the LADDER’s activities. The pianist Mrs. Valérie Marie was replaced for this show by Mrs. Fabiana Spoletini. In this occasion, the show obtained the patronage of Tours Municipality.

New dates are coming soon, stay tuned and have a look to the “Upcoming events” – Check out the closer city hosting the play!

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