Given the increasing number of migrants arriving to European Union, ALDA and the LADDER consortium adopted, during the General Assembly, some recommendations following the “Migration Initiative” with the aim of addressing this issue.

Due to various reasons such as conflicts, dictatorships, poverty, hunger, lack of jobs opportunities, increasing numbers of migrants are fleeing their countries and trying to reach the European Union. During the last few years this phenomenon has reached an incredible proportion and has often been accompanied by dramatic humanitarian issues, including shipwrecks, high numbers of deaths and illegal smuggling of human beings. Furthermore, the increasing flow of migrants and refugees managing to reach Europe contributed to awaken dangerous movements with racist and xenophobic connotations, questioning European values such as integration and tolerance.

ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy – in cooperation with SOS Malta, have elaborated an analysis, launched within the Migration path of LADDER that SOS Malta is leading, on the root causes of migration in the last decade and on the level of civic participation of migrants in local communities across Europe. The document aimed at collecting the voice of migrants already living in Europe in order to better understand the obstacles faced in their integration process and promote evidence based policies capable of addressing the current crisis within a long term perspective. The document has been presented on the occasion of the General Assembly in Paris last 12 May and a set of recommendations have been adopted, which highlight the role of local authorities in policy making and implementation, call for effective aid and migrants integration in the local communities, and stress the importance of migration as a driver for development.

Read the recommendations on migration (ENG, .pdf)

Read the full document on results of the survey on migration (ENG, .pdf)