This report was elaborated on the basis of surveys filled in by participants at the occasion of 3 European Seminars on DEAR organized in 2015 in Ireland, Croatia and Greece, within the LADDER project. More than 110 „multipliers“ (representatives of Local Authorities and CSOs coming from the 35 countries of the enlarged Europe covered by the LADDER project), participated at these trainings and shared their contributions and ideas on DEAR.

Created by a dedicated Task Force, the survey not only aimed at providing clear statistics on DEAR in the countries concerned, but also at reflecting on the knowledge and opinion of local actors on DEAR issues. Thanks to an in depth-analysis, statistic data have been obtained and organized following the structure of the survey, namely in five main parts, as follows:

Part I: The Development Agenda & the European Year for Development 2015

Part II: Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) in your country

Part III: Your opinion on the implementation of DEAR strategies

Part IV: The EU and Development Aid

Part V: Engagement for development

To read the summary and the detailed results of the survey,

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