Cultural diversity is considered as one of Europe’s most valuable assets. The process of building a common identity based on pluralism and interculturalism needs to be accompanied by ensuring adequate levels of social integration. Migrants in Europe often face various obstacles to participation and social inclusion that need to be removed.

ALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy has a mandate in promotion of citizen participation at local level and its wide network can be used for identification of the main obstacles to social inclusion and defining an anti-discrimination strategy for solving these issues based on the individual experience of European migrants.

Under the Migration Thematic Path of LADDER, coordinated by SOS Malta, a new initiative is now being launched. Presented in November in Malta during the Special initiative, the Path is launching a short online questionnaire on migration which aims at collecting relevant data from migrants, from a development & civic participation point of view. Short & straight-to-the-point, it has been developed to collect sufficient data while not asking more than 5 minutes from participants to fill it.

The survey is based upon two main pillars:

1- Understand the drivers and the causes of migration, living conditions and obstacles

2- measuring the degree of participation of migrants in their respective communities


Migrants intended in broad terms, both recent or living in the hosting community from several years.

Here you can find the link to the form. Please fill in the questionnaire by choosing the language you feel most confident:


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Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire; it should only take 10 minutes.

Your answers will be treated with complete confidentiality and will be entirely anonymous.