In the framework of the LADDER Job Shadowing Activities, three new experiences held in Slovenia, Croatia and Belgium have been developed in the last months. These exchanges were extremely successful and they provided the LADDER Consortium with a greater understanding and knowledge of sustainable development issues.

From 15 to 18 November 2016, SLOGA hosted Mrs. Raluca Colacel from SOS Malta. The exchange was organised in the framework of the “Global Education Week” organised by SLOGA and, as stated by Mrs. Colacel “This was one of the busiest weeks of the year and it was an opportunity to participate to many workshops, talks, roundtables and to meet many people active in the global education field”. This week marked the occasion to get to know Humanitas (SLOGA’s member), leading organisation on Global and Development Education. The meeting represented an occasion to share techniques used during workshops with children on themes such as: migration, development, global trade, refugees and climate change.  In addition, the workshop mostly catching the attention of Mrs. Colacel was the so called “Storytelling: The Art of Telling the Story behind the Numbers” which was organised by the project “Changing the discourse with refugees – preserving the essence of cultural heritage”, facilitated by Mrs. Tea Rozman Clark from Green Card Voices. During the workshop a very simple but very effective card game was presented, with the aim of helping the promotion of diversity and creating good connection among different people.

The last Job Shadowing Activity developed in 2016 was the one hosted by CAC in which Mr. Bobby Smith from Donegal City Council took part. The exchange was characterised by fruitful discussions about different initiatives and activities in the respective countries; in particular, many examples related to citizen participation, social inclusion, economic & community development were displayed by Mr. Smith, while the representative from CAC shared his own experience with the participatory budgeting application implemented in Croatia. The app highly drew Mr. Smith’s attention who stated “The participatory budgeting application that CAC has developed is an interesting and beneficial project. In Ireland, we do have a website which shows a basic budget breakdown, but without the levels of interactivity seen in the CAC model. This would be a useful project to increase community participation in local government”. Besides, the host had the opportunity to participate in a United Nations model organised by the School of International Relations in Zagreb within the ZAGiMUN conference framework. The themes under discussion were water security, right to development, environmental degradation and regional stability.

The first experience of Job Shadowing developed in 2017 was the one organized by ENNA (host organisation) for CEECN (guest organisation represented by Mr. Steve Hughes), between 6 and 9 February 2017. The visit represented a very good occasion to debate about very important issues concerning the global citizens, “citizens’ engagement” and what does it mean nowadays (if we look at the current social context). During the 3 days, Denisa Ionescu and Steve Hughes met with several representatives of civil society organizations, based in Brussels like Civil Society Europe, European Anti-Poverty Network, 11.11.11, Democratic Society, ECAS .The meetings were a very good occasion to learn about best practices at local level (from 11.11.11 representatives), to find ways on working together especially on civic space, participatory budgeting, climate change. After one of the meetings, Mr Hughes said: “I believe the most innovative discussion that occurred today happened during the conversation Denisa and I had with Magda Tancau at EAPN. Magda shared the work of EAPN and emphasized their ethos of “nothing about us without us” when it comes to setting policy related to poverty and income inequality.” Last, but not least, Ms Ionescu and Mr Hughes attended “What the fund?” organized by Citizens for Europe, an interactive event about how the non-profits can develop their sustainability.


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