An inspiring LADDER Special initiative on citizens’ participation for development was held in Hungary from the 4th to the 8th of July 2016 (Kumbabony). The Citizen Participation University 2016 edition was dedicated to the current societal challenges of democracy around Europe & the world, in an effort to make the world a more democratic and just place.

Organized by CEECN in the framework of the LADDER project and the specific thematic Path on citizens’ participation in development, the event addressed the following topics:

  • Climate change: from pre-conceived ideas to current trend and available data: workshop, & brainstorming exercise
    • consumption habits, fossil fuel societies, local responses to climage change and the role of individuals, global campaign to raise the awareness of citizens, public authorities, private sector & civil society
  • The economics of climate change: how the finances affect and determine the real possibilities in addressing climate change and societal shift
  • The time of SDGs: the overall framework and their localization, ownership by citizens & local stakeholders
  • Education for change: building a movement – challenges at the local, national and European level over the next 5 – 10 years?
  • Opportunities to consider when addressing the issue of participation related to the regeneration needed with climate change, economic systems and grassroots movements

A detailed report as well as PPT presentations will be uploaded once available soon on this page.

Pictures from the event are available HERE