Congratulations to all slogan competitions participants!

The Slogan Competition, as an initiative of LADDER project, aimed to raise awareness on development topics and cultivate development education among youngsters and in schools. The competition gave the opportunity to many students to think and express their concerns on development issues through inventive and meaning-full slogans, videos and drawings.

Among the 773 submitted proposals, 34 were selected while the best 5 won an Ipad Air.

See them with the prize! Congratulations to all participants for their high interest and creativity!

  • Video: Tolerance – ”Don’t let your eyes cover your heart with judgement” submitted by Jelena Buden, Dalija Poustecki, Ena Andel, Anamarija Zulicek (Croatia)
  • Drawing: “Different religions, languages, skin colours; but we all belong to one human journey. Together we achieve more!” submitted by Andrija Aracic (Croatia)
  • Slogan: “Don’t put your feet up, Help stop the heat up.” submitted by Kaitlin Doherty (Ireland)
  • Drawing: We want a world like a painter’s palette, a set of colors submitted by Valentina di Foggia (Italy)
  • Drawing: Feel free to improve our world!!! submitted by Patricia Mancos (Romania)

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