Mr. Karvounis from the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, Mr. Duros member of the Steering Committee of EGTC Amphictyony and Ms Anne-Laure Joedicke from ALDA, opened the 3rd EU Level training on  DEAR of the LADDER project, introducing the agenda & referring to the role of multipliers of Local Authorities & CSOs on development education.

This educational activity took place in the nest of our civilization, Athens. The ultimate objective of it was to gather experts coming from our 45 partners and provide them with the skills & background information on DEAR strategies while sharing useful experiences with their peers, with the aim “to plant the seed” of development education in them.

The training last 3 full days, involving a participative methodology, participants being encouraged to work in groups to share views in specific LADDER issues and ways of developing DEAR activities back in their country.

Small group discussion (World Café) on LADDER thematic priorities

Debating on DEAR & global citizenship with one of our trainers, Mr. Freddy Sahinguvu