On 22nd – 24th July 2015, the second training of LADDER project on DEAR (Development Education & Awareness Raising) took place in Zagreb, Croatia, after the great success of the first one, organized in Donegal, Ireland, last week. More than 50 participants are attending the 3-days training, organized by ALDA, in close collaboration with the Croatian Association of Counties, and delivered by the Hague Academy for Local Governance, both partners of LADDER project.

The event was opened with the speeches by Mr Nikos Gamouras, LADDER Project Manager, Ms Anne-Laure Joedicke, Project Manager and responsible of MENA Region, Mrs Emmely Benschop and Mr Lars Burema, representatives of the Hague Academy and trainers, and Mrs Sanja Bošnjak, member of Steering Committee of LADDER and representative of Croatian Association of Counties.

The objective of the first day of training was to present DEAR concept to the participants, its methodology and its connection with the local authorities, as well as to widen the knowledge of participants about development education and global citizenship. The training was delivered using the methods of active participation and involvement of participants, such as working groups, discussions, brain storming, icebreaking activities and energizers. The second day of training started with the presentation on “Local projects in Croatia related to DEAR” by Lana Jurman from Centre for Peace Studies. Then the participants were introduced to the DEAR strategy and worked together on the base of the 9-step DEAR strategy coming up with very interesting outcomes. The third day of the training culminated with a specific “Training of Trainers” (ToT) dedicated to a specific category of LADDER partners. The participants of this particular session gained the skills in the field of delivering trainings on DEAR, allowing them to deliver trainings on DEAR in their respective countries on national and local level. Finally, all participants received the certificates from The Hague Academy confirming their training on DEAR.

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