In March 2015, the European Commission launched a process of consultation open to CSOs and other stakeholders to submit recommendations regarding the ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy), addressing the challenges, shortcomings and problems.


The Joint Consultation Paper aimed to improve the ENP by giving ideas, recommendations and advices. The process has now come to a conclusion, collecting all recommendations of CSOs and stakeholders involved.

ALDA followed this process of consultation, through the contribution coming from both MED path and EaP path members of project LADDER – Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Raising Awareness – but also with contribution coming from EPAN – the Enlargement Pre-Accession and Neighbourhood – in cooperation with HRDN – Human Rights and Democracy Network – Working Groups of CONCORD.

The main points of the LADDER recommendations stressed that:

  • ENP is a positive policy, but it needs to be better framed and adapted to the circumstances of each country
  • The consultation and implementation should be open to LAs & CSOs, and their Associations & networks
  • The ENP should promote the regional approach, but in parallel allowing the differentiation according to the needs of the partner country

As for EPAN and HRDN, their recommendations focus on five pillars:

  • Global issues in the framework of the ENP Review
  • Principles for genuine mutual partnership
  • Strengthening the Human Rights dimension
  • Strengthening the Democracy dimension
  • Change in business as usual approach

Useful documents:

Recommendations MED path and EaP path members of LADDER (.pdf)

Recommendations of EPAN and HRDN Working Groups of CONCORD (.pdf)