On 26th of June, ALDA partner COPPEM organized an event to promote the concept of “Ecomuseum”, a concept initiated and supported by UNESCO in which communities and ordinary citizens get involved in the management of given territory, working together with LAs and CSOs.

The sense of local ownership is very much supported and promoted. The definition of Ecomuseum is wide and flexible enough to allow tackling a diversity of topics including sustainable development, cohesion & solidarity, migration & identities, youth & unemployment, culture and many more. “ECO”-museum, deriving from “ecology” proves to be a very concrete action taking place at the very local level, with the motto “Thinking global acting local” being fully applicable.

The event provided the opportunity to hold a MED Path meeting, within the LADDER project coordinated by ALDA. On the invitation of COPPEM, a small delegation of LADDER partners were present at the event, and had the opportunity to brainstorm and exchange on the strategy for the MED area within the LADDER project, taking stock of the current situation in the MED area and considering also the level of transferability of the ecomuseum concept in other communities as a good practice for local engagement & action with a global dimension, that is sustainability of our actions!

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