Mr Flavio Zanonato, member of the European Parliament, took part to the Launching Conference of LADDER delivering a speech on Development Education.


“Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations are essential actors for Development Education and for raising awareness among citizens” says Mr Zanonato during his speech held in the framework of the Launching Conference of LADDER project of the 5th June 2015. “In my opinion, it’s fundamental that European citizens understand that a Union looking outwards can contribute and ensure a global sustainability. Consequently, the awareness on global interdependence should be increased and it should clarify that development is something more than the sole aid”.

Mr Zanonato underlined how LADDER project is perfectly included in the framework of DEAR, informing citizens on issues related to development, mobilising a stronger public support to the fight against poverty and providing citizens with tools for critical confrontations with global issues.

“Several times the European Parliament supported the need for the Union to commit itself more and more in creating responsible, transparent and inclusive relations between governments, civil society organisations and local authorities, in order to achieve better results in terms of sustainable development”, says Mr Zanonato. And he adds: “Few weeks ago the European Parliament adopted the Report on Financing for Development, which points out the need for Europe and the member states to re-affirm their political leadership and to support the financing of the post-2015 development agenda”.

Read the full speech in Italian (.pdf)