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Get funded to implement your grass root project on development education, awareness raising and engagement for development: submit your ideas to LADDER project!

The re-granting scheme of the project LADDER is now open for 2017! We invite you to send your project ideas on development education, awareness raising and engagement for development. 13 projects (one per eligible country) will be funded by LADDER!

Eligible countries for this call are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, UK.

 Useful links: Call for proposals ••• Application form template ••• Budget template •

Applications for grass roots development education for countries mentioned above (in English only) must be submitted by email to & (scan versions with signature & stamp).

The deadline to submit your proposal is the 05/03/2017.

For more information on the project, visit

* Be aware that there is also a re-granting scheme of LADDER launched at national level in the following countries: Latvia, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Malta, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Croatia. Applications for projects in those countries must be submitted to the co-applicant from that country. For more information, feel free to contact us at 



Special Initiative on “Public-Private Cooperation in Economic Development and Job Creation: the Role of Local Authorities”

One more day until the start of this special initiative organised by CIME – Consiglio Italiano del Movimento Europeo. The European Charter of private companies, migration issue and European plan for development cooperation, the impact of the LADDER project: these are just some of the topics that will be discussed. The event will take place in Rome, 22-24 February 2017. Stay tuned to know the outcomes of the event!

Slovenia, Croatia and Belgium run their Job Shadowing activity!

The three most recent exchange experiences organized by the LADDER consortium in order to improve knowledge and skills, and get practical achievements on new methods and fields. The latest results of the Job Shadowing gathered in this article!

Is migration a risk? An opportunity? See reactions of the Migration Thematic Path

The Migration Path, led by SOS Malta, has been following the implementation of migration policies at EU level, bearing always in mind Human Rights and the European values. Advocacy actions are permanently carried out to raise citizens' and stakeholders' awareness on the role and importance of migration.

The first Annual General Assembly of SDG Watch Europe: working together to meet the 2030 Agenda objectives!

LADDER project, represented by Mr. Gamouras, was present at the first General Assembly of the SDG Watch Europe, the civil society alliance that wants to make the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda a reality.

Getting started and deepening your knowledge on Development Education and Raising Awareness (DEAR)!

Have you already checked the LADDER's research documents on DEAR? Discover the actors working in the DEAR world, clarify your mind with the DEAR glossary, and learn how to turn your life more sustainable with the LADDER's toolkit! Check them out now!


The European Sustainable Development Week. Register now your initiative!

ESDW represents a European-wide initiative which aims to stimulate and make visible activities, projects and events that promote sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The ESDW will take place from 30 May until 05 June.

The registration is open and it can be done following this link.

Citizen Journalists Initiative

The LADDER Citizen Journalists’ network is growing day by day and it is reaching all Europe and beyond. Check out some of the most recent contributions in the six main themes!

The most recent work published by our Citizens Journalists is addressing issues on local actions for global impact, climate & energy, engagement of public and private sector, poverty & development. Have a look to their contributions!

Local actions/Global impact
Áron Gödölle
Each of us can make a change! How a member of the European Youth Parliament can support the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Health and Well-Being
Natia Shakaia

While for some people health can mean having a balanced way of life, from all perspectives, for others it means to have access to clean water and clean environment. “While we are thinking about everyday problems like how to look beautiful, how to be healthy, the countries like Nigeria have to think how to survive millions of lives” says Natia.

Raising awareness on SDGs: Proyecta Valencia – Hacia el 2030
Irene Vivas Lalinde
A group of young people creating and running activities related to the 17 SDGs, believing in their importance as tools for improvement for our communities.

Ethiopia: An Ignored State on the Brink of Civil War
Kumlachew G. Salilew
A contribution about the closing of civic space in Ethiopia, corruption and citizens’ permanent struggle for their rights.

Does a European public sphere exist?

Anna Elena Maria Ferrari

What supports and what blocks the development of a European public sphere? Media can play a major role, but yet, in the end, it’s about political will and citizens’ participation at the decision-making processes.


For further information, please contact the Project Manager, Nikos Gamouras:

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