It has just been published “In a better world”, a storybook about the journey of LADDER project to promote development education through culture.

The publication is fully dedicated to the cultural component, the fifth dimension of the LADDER project, summarizing all activities and results achieved in the field of the project and portraying the importance of art and development education.

Specifically, the storybook aims at describing step by step the journey of the play “In a better world”, from its conception in 2015 until the final performance in 2017. The publication illustrates not only the play itself, but also the entire process of creation and implementation; it comments on the synergy art and development education created, gives insight into methodologies and personal expe¬riences of the people who were directly involved in the play (art director, actresses, musicians and assistants) and reports the original script of the play.

Take a look at this incredible journey!

Find “In a better world” – LADDER Storybook here.