Assist Social Capital CIC and Insights US have been supported by the LADDER Project to implement a project aimed at generating action-led advice from citizens, in order to support sustainable economic development within UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

The project is based on inclusive decision-making via an online platform and will focus on how communities, businesses and social enterprises can benefit from this internationally recognized and respected designation in order to progress towards a sustainable economy. The platform will collate activities, ideas, and the collective wisdom of citizens and other key stakeholders on how they can be supported to take an effective role to deliver change and progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With over 600 Biosphere Reserves worldwide, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to showcase sustainable living and resilient communities around the world. The project will focus on how communities, businesses and social enterprises can benefit from UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation to accelerate and incubate progress towards a sustainable economy and the SDGs.

We invite participants to offer their thoughts and ideas around the question:

“How could the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (BR) designation help citizens contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth in their community? And how can businesses and social enterprises benefit and play a role?asked by Colin Campbell, Co-leader of the Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserve Network.

The platform welcomes anyone to contribute, from local people, social entrepreneurs, social enterprises, business owners, to biosphere managers, and local authorities. The insights generated will then be collated into a Community Insights Report for decision-makers and citizens and will be available on the open-access OASIIS Platform.

Your ideas can help UNESCO Biospheres better support entrepreneurs and social enterprises to create sustainable solutions and economic opportunity within Biospheres.

We are seeking your advice and ideas until 20th October! To share your insights for our common future click here:

For more information on the project contact Tabi at