Dominik Bartol

If You see through the eyes of another. If You hear with the ears of another. If You feel with the Heart of another; You too my Friend, might be cursed with the gift of Empathy.

Recently, there was a broadcast of a social experiment related to the bullying among Children. Almost no one reacted to the verbal abuse. The people that stood on the tram station kept turning their heads away, pretending they don’t see it happening.

Statistics show that almost 50% of the Children reported being bullied by other students in school at least once during the month. How many children are out there that are too afraid to report their bullies? How many victims of bullying become the bullies themselves? How could they become something they never experienced in their Life? What are We doing about it?

We only react when the things get broken. Why do We have to wait for the Children to become abusive before they visit the school psychologists? Wouldn’t it be reasonable to create a concept where the Children would visit the psychologist at last once per month? Considering the statistics, this would be a good measure of collecting the information.

As long as the victim is quiet and without resistance, the bully will often proceed with the oppression; slowly raising the level of influence. Since Humans are social creatures, it is almost impossible that the bully is not supported within the environment. Not reacting is a way of supporting as well.

If the Children would be advised on how to properly react and to be fearless in going straight to the psychologist’s office; the bully would be left alone, with no support from the community.

It would be extremely useful to educate the Children on how to stay mentally strong in the situations of verbal abuse. How many Children are out there, pretending to be sick just to stay home in order to avoid facing their bullies? How many Children start to develop psychosomatic symptoms that could be rooted into bullying? Instead of being something that We all tend to avoid, community should be the place of support, kindness and care.

Instead of focusing on fixing what’s broken, why not focus on preventing it getting broken instead? A decent example would be as simple as placing the Children in the circle and giving a minute or two per Person to explain how they feel and to give their arguments related to the topic.

This way they would learn and apply instantly. Able to develop advanced levels of communication on how to properly express their thoughts and emotions. This would enable transparent communication between the groups and they would learn together how to academically solve their conflicts as a democrats.

It is Our duty, responsibility, obligation, and it’s the rights of the Children to get help from Us; the Society. Not when needed. Not when it is too late. The right Time is always now.

One day when We start considering Others as the members of the Family, We will start looking at each other as Brothers and Sisters. That will be the day that many of Us hope to see when dreaming about it.

Thank You for the Time

Dominik Bartol

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