Dominik Bartol

Have You ever heard the ‘dark voice’ inside? That reflective deception that purges the Mind of all reason, logic and the creative order? A shady figure; just standing there, on the very edge of Our consciousness.

These imprinted emotions, intentions, thoughts and actions often become the ‘personas’ behind the unconscious projections. The origin of the mentioned above, are the impressions that have been imprinted into the subconscious mind during the states of decreased awareness that are buried deep within the realms of the subconscious.

Most of the traumas might date as far as the prenatal period of Life. We should consider finding innovative ways for raising awareness about the working principles of the mind, because the mental health of Our great Society depends upon it.

Acquiring traumas in the prenatal phase happens when the Mother or the Child are put under stressful situations or shock. However, the unborn Child is much more stress and shock sensitive than the adult Human being. In this case, the Mother.

The example of such stress might manifest through something as simple as sneezing. Because the contraction of the abdominal muscles cause the little Person to experience stress; everything that is said under these conditions will be imprinted into the subconscious Mind of the Mother and the Child.

The unborn Person may not know the meaning of the words at the given moment, but later in Life; when the language is learned, the subconscious Mind will understand the meaning of the captured words.

We are experiencing, recording and documenting the information from the World way before We are born. The prenatal neuro-linguistic programming, is a possibility that happens during the mentioned states of shock.

Let Us say that the Mother tries to stand up, and while performing the action, She hits the table. Now, both Mother and the Child experienced the shock and the stress that is caused by the initial impact. This is one of the examples that may be defined as one of the possible states between lowered awareness or absolute unconsciousness.

It is relevant to consider that whatever is said under the states of shock, might be imprinted into the subconscious mind of the Person, without the conscious and rational mind to filter out the content.

Later in Life, when or if the Person experiences the similar states, the subconscious might access the trauma and project the moment from the past into the here-now reality. This could cause the Person to be under the control of the imprinted traumas that are hidden within the subconscious, and may often show the same behavior and speak the same phrases that are recorded during such states.

It would be wise to simply attend to the need of the Person, but without the use of words. Because the spoken words may become the impression that might later be projected from the subconscious if triggered by the keywords or the environment. The cause of the shock may be sourced in accidents, death of a beloved person, war, fights, verbal and physical abuse, etc.

Therefore, the One that researches, examines, identifies, acts and documents the realm of thoughts, is contaminating the conscious mind of the Observer, and ‘clouding’ the character and it’s personal traits of a Person within the mind.

The Ego is what the Person is. Founded on the belief system of information considered to be facts. It is the combination of two worlds, with the Observer having the Authority to judge on the information between the world within, and the natural or manufactured content from the environment.

It is the reference point of awareness, and a conscious core of the Mind; suffused with all the ‘plug n play’ tools and information stored and ready to use; without a ‘how to manual’, since the day We were born.

It is reasonable to consider that some of the projected inequalities and other negative behaviors might be manifesting on the subconscious levels, and might even be inherited from Our ancestors.

There is one more scientific fact to consider. It has been discovered that some of the experiences and memories may be imprinted in the DNA, and that could be inherited from the ancestors.

Considering this, it doesn’t seem to be false to have a reasonable doubt and to believe in possibility that We might be manifesting the stored and imprinted memories of inequality, political oppression, gender inequality, tendency to war, and many other negative behaviors from the past that are damaging to the Society today and might continue to prevent the development in the future. It might all be there. Like a software code within Our amazing minds and DNA. Silent. Waiting to be triggered.

Therefore, We may consider talking about inequalities for the next one hundred years while wasting the Time and the resources; but, the real change seems possible only if We accept the fact that We are a Family. Only then, We might start acting through Empathy, which is the real Family value. It would be wise to seek Equity over equality.

Those subtle differences are what makes the Civilization so Unique. Each one of Us has a unique set of skills and talents that should be nurtured with kindness and care. We are all Humans, and We share the same Human Potential and Rights.

Instead of talking about equality, let Us act through Equity. Only then, there is a chance of a Society to be balanced. Equity requires each Person to be willing and able to create that better World, that would allow Us to grow together as one People. To let Us be Peace, Justice and the strong Institution that We deserve and need.

We are all amazing and beautiful People. Just like the Children, We are all transparent and gender-less group made of unique fractals of Consciousness. Therefore, We are not defined by the religion, gender, race or nationality. But by Our emotions, intentions, thoughts and actions.

Considering this, let Us imprint the Freedom, Peace, Love, Joy and Acceptance into the future generations. If not for Us, then let Us do it for the Children. Their innocence deserves it.

Thank You for your Time.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” – Margaret Mead

Dominik Bartol

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