The Re-Granting scheme of the LADDER Project has started to bear the first fruits and some of the projects proposed by grassroots organisations and institutions aiming at raising awareness about the core issues of development education have been successfully implemented!

The third stop-over of the re-granting scheme journey is in Croatia, Romania and Spain. Discover more details about the projects implemented in these countries and how they aim to raise awareness about SDGs at the local level in the description below!



What? “Mos Craciun Global – Global Santa Klaus”
Who? APDRDCT – Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Rurală Durabilă și Conservarea Tradițiilor (Association for Rural Sustainable Development and Traditions’ Preservation)
Where? Romania
About? Raising young generation’s awareness on development issues in a globalized society – particularly in combating racism, xenophobia and prejudices

The project allowed to raise awareness and improved knowledge among young people regarding different global issues such as: SDGs (especially SDG 1 – 4 – 5 – 10 – 16), promotion of diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights. Applying a cascade mechanism that trained a group of young volunteers on development education, the group then acted as multiplier with counterparts in school and other citizens (each reaching out to 2-3 teachers and 30 pupils). Materials of the LADDER project were also used as a support (e.g.: winners of the slogan competition, etc.).



What? “The Syrian exodus: fighting for survival”
Who? Fons Pitiús de Cooperació
Where? Spain
About? Raising awareness about the humanitarian crisis that has provoked the war in Syria

A photo exhibition was created during the project. This exhibition provided visitors with the opportunity to broaden their understanding about the humanitarian crisis that has provoked the war in Syria and to empathize with Syrian refugees. A special focus was addressed to schools: the Fons developed a didactic sheet that helps students to understand the topic and raises questions about the facts, guiding them through the exhibition. This action contributed to foster the process that sees education as social transformation.


What? “The recycling September in Natura 2000 area”
Who? Town of Garešnica
Where? Croatia
About? Raising awareness about how to reduce, reuse and recycling wastes at home, in the office, in kindergartens and in agriculture

The project managed to raise awareness of all citizens of the municipality of Garesnica: from kindergarten, schools, to elderly people. The project raised public awareness of Natura 2000 areas and its conditions, promoted and improved environment and nature protection; raised public awareness about strategies and policies for waste prevention and reduction; informed citizens for proper waste separation & recycling; the concepts of garbage and waste. Finally, it highlighted the links between waste reduction and sustainable development.

The three projects involved and raise awareness of 2055 people from their local community. This great achievement will certainly contribute to make the world a more sustainable, inclusive and better place to live in!

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