On 10-12 May 2017, the LADDER Tool Fair will open in Torun, Poland. This three-days event will enable actors working on Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) and other stakeholders (LAs, CSOs, foundations, institutional & non-institutional actors etc.) active on issues related to sustainable development, poverty eradication, gender issues, climate change:

  • to exchange methodologies, practices, experiences and tools, with the aim of raising awareness and achieving sustainable development;
  • to share lessons learnt from past DEAR actions;
  • to increase the networking among DEAR and non-DEAR stakeholders, and strengthen potential future partnerships between CSOs and LAs;
  • to promote the DEAR concept and methodology to other stakeholders;
  • to engage in a dialogue on citizens’ participation and engagement for development, and to address the enabling environment required for local communities to participate & engage.


The Tool fair will be made up of:

  • a plenary session (day 1)
  • some parallel workshops on practices and tools related to DEAR, awareness raising and localization of SDGs (day 1 & 2).

The parallel workshops will include, among others, best practices of global citizenship from the formal and non-formal sectors of education, grass-roots activities carried by Local Authorities and CSOs, sharing of actions implemented by the network of Local Democracy Agencies, research findings and many more innovative & creative ideas.

An Open Space (day 1 & 2) gathering stands from different organizations sharing their practices and activities in parallel of the tool fair sessions. Organisations willing to have a space to display relevant materials should contact the organisers for the logistical arrangements.

The closing ceremony will take place on day 3.


Participants and visitors are expected to come from Public and private institutions, Civil Society Organizations, Academia and other actors.


Nikos Gamouras  (LADDER Project Manager) : nikos.gamouras@aldaintranet.org
Giulia Mezzalira (Logistic Officer) : giulia.mezzalira@aldaintranet.org


See the AGENDA of the Tool fair (& other events taking place in parallel)


Registrations are now open: follow this link to register – (Please register as “Others” if you do not belong to any of the category mentioned in the form)

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