Shady Rabhi

Of course, democracy is really important. It is necessary to preserve our freedom, our choices, our manner of living. Talking about democracy and raising the awareness of people about it, it’s a conscious and civic act; launching debates regarding citizenship brings enrichment. But having democracy as focus without ensuring economic and social rights, as well as a cultural and intellective background, reduces democracy itself in empty words.

Democracy is rooted in our common daily life, in a balance between rights and duties. When the majority of people suffers for deprivation of rights and it’s pushed only to satisfy obligations, it becomes unable to recognise the values of freedom and mutual respect, and as a consequence dialogue is cut, as well as the establishment of democracy is pretty impossible.

By now, at least from my experience as a Tunisian citizen, many people got engaged in my country in order to ensure some vital needs by fighting against poverty, unemployment, violence, corruption, while the State often seems not to be able to feed our hope of improving the situation.

Thus, what is essential it’s to put the accent on the list of priorities, in order to create an atmosphere where civil society is facilitated in succeeding. It is important to start from actions of awareness raising, from restoring the trust of citizens towards institutions, and this is possible only if institutions are engaged in the front line, side by side with citizens, restoring our cultural, civic and social bases.

Shady Rabhi

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