On 1-2 February, Mr. Nikos Gamouras, Project Manager of LADDER, participated to the first Annual General Assembly of the alliance SDG Watch Europe. The assembly gathered all the members of the alliance together and it was the occasion to plan and discuss about the actions foreseen for 2017.

Specifically, the first day was characterised by a presentation of the SDGs’ implementation plan foreseen by the EU Parliament and other European Institutions. To do so, different EP Committees’ MEPs and several representatives from the EU Commission, the EEAS and the EESC were present.

The second day was uniquely dedicated to the member organisations who engaged with the ongoing business of the alliance including nominations to governance positions, presentation of 2017 work plans by work strands and presentation of the report of the Steering Group.

The “EYD2015 & Follow up” Thematic Path of the LADDER Project is closely following and supporting all the activities of SDG Watch Europe alliance.

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