Áron Gödölle and Jakob Lütgenau

The Danube Participation Days (DPD) is the annual self-organized forum for civil society and local stakeholders in the EUSDR. It contributes to a stronger involvement of civil society and local actors and it provides a platform for debate, exchange and cooperation for the representatives from civil society organizations and local actors in many different countries. The Danube Participation Days was a two day event that took place in Bratislava. The main topic was the resilient sustainable development.

The sustainable development is very important for our future. For this reason, the conference included all different topics of the resilient sustainable development. These topics were open government, energy, environment, social inclusion, impact of consumer and producer behavior, and infrastructure.

To bring you closer to the concept of the Danube Participation Days, we have interviewed many different participants with many different professions on two simple but very clear questions:

  1. What is the meaning of the sustainable development?
  2. How do you implement the concept of the sustainable development in your daily life?

Please watch all interesting interviews here:


All participants answered and understood the question differently, which shows that we all understand differently what the sustainable development is and how we could implement it in our daily lives.

For us to implement the concept of sustainable development is to pay attention to small things (separate your garbage, don´t waste your water, ride your bike to school) that we can influence and make a difference as our planet is our future. 

Áron Gödölle and Jakob Lütgenau

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