Farouk Garali

Tunisia is now in the process of a local democracy transaction. The question is: is our role as a young person and as an active civil society transparent?


For a beginning, we adhere that our country is engaged in a process of fundamental transformations which is based on major achievements including: the consecration by the new constitution of a participatory local democracy.

But the monster that can be the threat of this process is: the lack of confidence in our young people and which can be considered as a set of citizens who do not vote, on the other hand the Tunisian youth has been described as the ferment And the engine of the Tunisian revolution of January 14, 2011 that fermented ” spring

 Arabs “.
In fact, we want to push young people to cling to the exercise of this right. If we have more than half the community is young and each of them says “my voice will not change anything”. Then we exercised negative behavior towards their patriotism and belonging to that country.

If young people participate, they will be the most able to be free affiliations and spammers and traditional ties, in national elections and motivated and they felt that their voices are to value and impact. The results will certainly be different and paid in the interest of the nation as a whole, and therefore the solution of civil society to motivate participation in municipal action, is to carry out awareness-raising actions:

Presentation of the municipal elections and its importance and the explanation of the operation of the elections and its transparency of the results, that it will take place in the secondary schools throughout the Tunisian territory to target the maximum of the number of the young people who are at the ” Age between 17 and 21 years.

Finally, we can say that awareness-raising actions can influence participation in municipal action, and therefore at this stage, civil society has played its part.

Farouk Garali

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