The second year of the project has come to an end and the beginning of 2017 marks the occasion to remember all the achievements of these last 12 months!

2016 was a busy and productive year for the LADDER’s consortium. LADDER worked towards advancing development education and raising awareness on development issues, implementing its actions and spreading the DEAR approach around.

These 12 months were characterised by open letters, research documents, national and local trainings, Job Shadowing activities, focus groups, national events, creative activities such as the Slogan Competition and the setting of the Citizen Journalists’ network, the support of grass-roots actions through the re-granting scheme, the first performances of the play “In a better world” and so on.

Want to know more?

The LADDER 2016 Report is now online with information and details of this second intense and productive year.

Click here to have a look at it and keep on pace with the development LADDER climbing!