Dominik Bartol

I heard the soothing melody of the song, whispering in my Mind with it’s angelic voice. The Word sang about the Peace with the Most High Joy, and while my Soul slowly started to fall towards the Eternal and Infinite of the subconscious mind, I was awaken by the rhythms of the war.

It seems that, as a Society, We have gone ‘blind’, and forgotten the true values. We have forgotten many things, so this is nothing out of ordinary, but the contradiction of the Event’s values is what makes the ‘Silent Night’ so interesting.

In a World shackled with war, which opened the destructive gates of poverty and hunger, it seem a bit odd to use the ‘symphony of war’ to celebrate Love, Peace, Freedom, Joy, Kindness, etc.

I cannot reject the fact that I might have been mislead in my beliefs, but there is literally an infinite potential of peaceful deeds and acts of kindness, generosity and selflessness, already existing within Us, ready to be shared with Others. Unfortunately, it is a hidden and often misguided potential.

Do We really need a ‘special day’ to remind Us of Love? Do We really require an outside reminder that We are Love, deserving to be loved? Please allow me to say a few words about Love.

Love my Friends; ain’t easy. Therefore, Love isn’t like any other job position that We apply for, and yes, Love is work. The thing is that We cannot apply for the position, because the position was already taken by Us from the moment when We were just a simple cells. All the Work, must come from Love in order to create Love. Love is a 24/7, 365 days a year job of a Person.

Love is what gave birth to Human Rights, and has all the Human Rights implied in all of it’s intentions, thoughts and actions, and; If We are still considering Ourselves Humans, then Love is what We do. It is the ultimate, abundant, and decentralized currency with the highest value, because every conscious and living being is able to give and to receive Love.

When there is Love, regardless of the actions of the objects of Our affections; for Love, there’s no other way but forgiveness, because Love does not remember ‘evil’, because it’s just not in It’s nature. For what is evil, but a selfish good?

Aren’t We kind and generous when We give to Others? So, how are We ‘evil’ when We are trying to acquire something for Ourselves? ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ are nothing but words. Contradictions, created by Our ‘dualistic’ observations, and the perceptions of the World that doesn’t understand Love. What truly matters is the value and the connection that the words imply.

Just like Life, Love requires Love in return, as a ‘food and water’ needed to survive. When the Force of Life and/or Love is threatened, or when it faces annihilation of Breath or Peace, in It’s need to survive, It will eat of the most poisonous fruit and drink from the same well that poisoned the fruit.

Affection and the process of falling in love is related to the chemicals produced in Our brain and bodies, but Love is selfless, and as such, it exists in the realm of emotions, without conditions.

Because the thoughts and the focus of Our attention are being influenced by the outside forces, unaware of the true Source, We are never able to see the whole picture.

What is Silence, but Peace? Even the Nameless Silence of the Universe is everything but quiet, for in It’s silent melody it reaches Our Heart, giving Us the key to unlock the Love.

If one becomes aware of a deep slumber, one could allow the Soul to be awaken by the laugh of the Children and the People. For it is the instrument of Love, and It’s lyrics and music are forever found in the Heart of the great Artist.

Peace be with You, and within You. The Most High, Eternal and Infinite. So it can grow in Our Heart, watered by Wisdom, Peace and Mercy.

Thank You for Your Time.

“It takes more than the eye to see the Truth. Until then; even a one eyed man, could have the power of a king; able to rule over the kingdom of the blind.”

Dominik Bartol

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