Hasan Haj

In Mid-April I was chosen to take part in a global education program called “You are part of the world, be part of its future”, a long term program that includes two phases of training, in Serbia and Romania.

Between the two phases, I managed to deliver 4 workshops to increase awareness on global issues, responsible consumption, sustainable lifestyle and climate change issues.  The program’s philosophy is “to believe in the power of each individual, to be a global educator and take care of the world. We might not be able to fix the big world but we can change and save many smaller worlds.”

The participants found these workshops very informative, interesting and eye-opening. We talked about food waste and hunger facts, took a quiz to get an idea about recycling processes and how much of a difference it makes to actually use the different bins we have in the office.

We calculated Eco-footprint and got an idea about Earth overshoot day. And some participants were shocked to know that their eco footprint is high and promised to be more aware to decrease the waste and do some changes in their daily life. They also asked for more detailed workshops to be able to differentiate between stuff and maximize the benefit of recycling process.

The participants mentioned also that some lack of knowledge and lack of discipline might be the reason not all people contribute to our planet. And the need to collaborate with government and private sector, for them to be able to do their part as well, because the maximum we can do will not be enough if there is no cooperation between stakeholders.

Successful workshops were delivered and In Romania, at the next training, we will identify priorities and try to find local and individual solution for global challenges. More to come and the energy and passion are on peak to make the difference and be an effective global educator.

Hasan Haj

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