The special initiative of the LADDER project on resilient sustainable development, organized in closed ranks with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, EUSDR, a policy tool for better cohesion, enlargement and neighborhood policies of the EU with its partners in the Danube region, embracing more than 115 m people and 800.000km², is taking place beginning of November.

The combination of the 3rd Danube Participation Day, the annual “summit” of civil society and local actors under the roof of the EUSDR, the Council of Danube Cities and Regions, the Priority Area 10 of the EUSDR for Institutional Capacity a Cooperation (PA 10), the Slovak civil society with LADDER is a move to mainstream Development Education and Awareness Raising for sustainable development in the macro-regional strategies, especially the Danube Strategy and vice versa to communicate the concept or macro-regional strategies to the realm of those working for Development Education and Awareness Raising.

The LADDER special initiative on 2nd and 3rd November 2016 in Bratislava itself is the first pledge of the mutual mainstreaming of two related approaches to improved living and batter democracy for the citizens of our continent. 180 actors from civil society, municipalities, EU and national agencies, regions and associations from 20 nations will engage in fruitful debate and exchange in 6 workshops over two days.

See agenda of the event HERE

The project LADDER is about Development Education and Awareness Raising, for the promotion of sustainable development in Europe and its neighbouring regions. It addresses actors for local democracy, municipalities, civil society, academia, the youth and all interested and affected, the citizens of Europe and the Caucasus and the Mediterranean.

Foster Europe is coordinating the thematic path on “resilient sustainable development”. Resilient sustainable development is less a pleonasm but an emphasis to shape development in a way that its concepts and means are not shaken by the first obstacles.

With this mandate and target group it was obvious that LADDER should connect with the drivers for local and regional development and reform in Europe, the macro-regional strategies.