Natia Shakaia

As the time passes we think more about the future of the world. What can the development of the technologies bring to our planet? Will the earth be a safe place to live? Can we breathe fresh air in the future? …

I, as an ordinary citizen of earth, really care about the future of my planet, the planet where I live. Even I being a dilettante can notice with unarmed eyes that the world is under serious danger. Many things depend on the actions of humans and their attitudes toward the environment, which itself has a great impact on the climate changes.

Though some processes of the climate change are caused by the natural cataclysms like biotic processes, variation of solar radiation, vulcan eruptions and so on, and the fact that we are not able prevent such cataclysms, doesn’t mean at all that we, humans are not able to ease the danger called the Global Warming.

During the last decades we are witnessing some strange actions caused by the climate change. One of the best examples is Greenland. The picture taken from 20 000 feet shows that the ice in Greenland is melting and this process according to the scientists is continuing. So we really have a reason to be afraid, haven’t we? …

Recently, I became interested in the research studies by NASA. While checking the projects I came across to the interesting research, according to which by the 2050 year the renewed energy sources will be available. And the most interesting thing was that not the electric energy would be used but other alternative and safe energies. The path to a new world will be powered by wind, water and solar energies. The Stanford University professor Mark Jacobson’s idea is all about creating the new healthy world with the safe and dirt-free resources.

Well, I assume that this idea is very seductive, but this will happen only by 2050 year in case of luck. So before we meet the renewed energy sources in the future we must take care about our planet’s present. From my personal view, it is very hard to say what must be done to live in perfect environment, but it is easy to say what must not be done. We shall not cut the trees, we shall use the less electricity and try to keep environment from pollution. “The Earth Day” which is the annual event held on 22 April encourages us to use less energy. This event is being held since 1970 in 193 countries worldwide. I really think that this event is crucial and can have a positive impact on the future of the planet “Earth”.

My personal view is that involvement of celebrities in saving the Earth is very significant. They are the role models for many people therefore they have more opportunity to change the world condition into the better one. I must admit about the efforts of one of the most popular and familiar face in Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio. The foundation, which, was established in 1998 year, is one of the largest fund nowadays. This fund aims at discussing the importance of creating better living conditions for the population. This foundation is supported by more than 65 organizations. The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation is dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants. According to it through the collaborative partnerships, they support projects that protect not only the inhabitants but also vulnerable species.

I hope that this example will encourage many people to do same thing.

Natia Shakaia

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