Rosa Uliassi

Somebody said that the small is always a source for great enlightenment. Therefore, standing in front a controversial and chaotic contemporary world, the small virtuous realities make the difference. This is why it is worth talking about ‘Accoglienza Degna (Translated: Virtuous Welcome) which is a project born the last December in Bologna between the walls of a 4 years occupied barracks, now called Làbas.

This is run by young students and workers in their 20s and 30s, determined to take seriously the concept of human dignity and bottom-up solidarity. They alone succeeded in realizing a totally self-managed structure of welcome for immigrants and homeless, which is a concrete answer for housing emergency and for people who are running away from home risking their lives.

In this way the self-managed dormitory come to life, here disadvantaged con find a bed for some days, food and sanitary assistance.

Besides the welcome, with 15 beds, showers and a common kitchen, there are more socialization and inclusion activities that help the guests to feel in the foreground and in an equal condition.

Làbas is a small virtuous reality that, thanks to its activists and its solidarity networks, helped 21 persons after not even a year of activism. This year the new welcome team joined the “Anti-Racist World Cup 2016” for the first time, a Uisp* event against discrimination and violence in sport, culture and music.

The domestic economic crisis and the growing help request of millions of people running away from war and persecutions need a rapid and dignified solution from Italy and Europe.

In a society where equality struggle to reach everyone, where institutions are paralyzed, active citizenship takes care of outsiders, of the lasts, of the marginalized.

Accoglienza Degna’ is a small example of a pre-existing structure, simple but efficient, that should be a model for the whole country: a humanitarian local network which aims to provide aid, assistance and friendship to those who need it, beyond the limits of mere welfare/social handouts.

*(Italian Union Sport for everyone)

Rosa Uliassi

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