Dominik Bartol

There is something out there. The unknown substance that motivates, moves and inspires Us all, called Life. It is supported by Our beautiful and amazing planet Earth.

Being 4.54 billion years old, Earth evolved and developed the greatest ‘sustainable city’ known to Us. It is Our Civilization.

We are all unique, conscious and aware entities on this planet. The only one that are able to perceive the Nature, Environment and other conscious beings in the ways that no other species can. So, how did We got here? Have We missed something? A bigger picture maybe?

Being placed in the Milky Way galaxy in the most beneficial point to sustain Life, Earth, along with all the galaxies and the objects or subjects within them, belongs to the Universe. The greatest sustainable organism that is 13.7 billion years old.

The only thing that We are able to perceive with Our limited, but very useful senses, is what the Universe allowed Us, a long time ago. That ‘doors of perception’ is hidden within Our very own mind.

For over hundred years now, We have been globally leading a destructive lifestyle as a civilization of Our planet and as the time was passing by, We became careless and numb.

It happened in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840 with the rise of the Industrial Revolution. During this period of time, a transition was made, leaving the hand made production falling behind the capacity of the machines, and for the first time in the history of Our civilization, almost every daily aspect of Our lives has been influenced.

During the revolution there was a great progress in technology development such as textile manufacture, metallurgy, chemicals, agriculture, machine tools and transportation. This advancement in technology had a great social impact as well. Population began to increase, factory systems improved and through the capitalism the conditions for women’s emancipation were created and it had a great impact on women and family life. There is much more that the IR gave Us, but that was back then.

Now, the new times have come. Now, We are facing with the consequences of the IR. But why? Should We blame the ones that made a huge industrial progress over a hundred years ago? Isn’t the very revolution that We would blame, responsible for all the technology that We have today?

Just like every other thing in Life, it is an unfortunate situation that We, as Civilization are faced with. Life is never black and white or good and evil. Those are false paradigms that will always, without exceptions, belong to the ‘grey zone’. The climate changes, pollution, poverty and hunger are signs, telling Us that We aren’t aware and responsible in Our consumption and production.

Life on land, below the water and the heavens above, are asking critical question that needs to be answered. The Nature demands it. We are fully responsible for coming up with innovative sustainable solutions that will benefit everyone. Once again, without exceptions. Therefore, irrelevant of the age, gender, location, ethnicity, religion, academical success, employment or any other paradigm that is given throughout the time, We are responsible for all of Our Brothers and Sisters, because We are all One Family and it will be hard to make any progress until the critical mass of awareness is achieved among the citizens.

But in order to make that change, We need to be influenced, motivated and inspired on a local level by Our Family, Friends, Neighbours, Familiars and so on, until every Person is reached and awaken from the slumber.

In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion People, or almost half of the population, would be online by the end of the year. About 2 billion would be from developing countries, including 89 million from the least developed countries. Therefore, the Revolution, will have to happen on a greater scale, instead of just being streamed or televised.

We are living in a ‘Digital Arena’ where every information travels faster than ever before, so it makes a Person wonder. How did the IR made such progress more than hundred years ago and what happened to Us within the last century that We began to lead such a passive lifestyle?

How are We, with all this communication technology and technology in general, sitting in the palm of Our hands, unable to come together for a higher cause? How did it came to be, that the likes and shares on Social Media are more important than the benevolence of Our global Family?

I can hardly call this an article. It’s more an emotional crescendo, caused by the never-ending suffering in the world; which, throughout history, has managed to found a way to sustain itself, led by ignorance, anger and greed. There is an abundance of wrong-doing all around the World and if We do not unite as One People, the ‘Little People’ that are about to inhale their first breath on this beautiful planet Earth, will have no place to make their first footsteps.

Let Us think bigger scale now. Let Us, for a moment, imagine that We have the most advanced technology. Let Us imagine that We are able to travel to the most distant galaxies of the Universe in a blink of an eye.

Do You want to know what I see? I see the destruction of the Universe. I see the careless consumption of the natural resources and I see the extinction of Our kind.

Until We change Our perspective and start using all the knowledge and experience that We, as civilization gained throughout the history for the benefits of the entire civilization, We are not going to travel further than Our fragile ego’s, because that is the most distant horizon that We are able to see.

Now, my dear Reader, it’s time to depart and to let You go. But, before We leave this moment in time, I would like for Us to think about it for a moment. Doesn’t matter if it was yesterday, today or it’s going to be in a distant future, the only important question is what are We doing, to make Our own lives and the lives of Our People better on every day basis?

Because, We should always remember, that it is not what We do, but who We are that is about to determine the future of the Nature, Environment and the Civilization that has such a great potential to discover the vast emptiness of the Universe and beyond.

There is many things that I do not know my beautiful Reader. But I am certain when I say that a single drop, never made an Ocean.

Thank You for Your time.

“One love. One heart. One destiny.” – Bob Marley

Dominik Bartol

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