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Let Us scratch the surface of poverty and reveal what hides within it’s ocean. Just like Tsunami, powered by poverty, hunger rises as it reaches the shores of Our society. It is just one out of many chain reactions caused by the lack of awareness and hunger seems to be ‘trending’ all over the world.

The media is filled with the ‘yellow submarines’, politics and other ‘paper-waste’ materials, while the People, Our Brothers and Sisters are dumpster-diving in front of Our eyes. It’s an economic disease of Our society, caused by a bad adaptation to technology.

How much food is being thrown away on a daily basis? Should We continue to support such actions? Isn’t Our lack of action, just a passive way of supporting? Once again, We are talking about sustainability, yet We are witnessing the very opposite within Our organizations.

We cannot blame everything on the governments and authorities. This is Democracy that We’re talking about. Deriving from the Greek roots, it is a word that describes the ‘rule of the people’.

We, the People. What have We done, as a society, to make a change? It is a step by step process that will not happen over night, but not only that We aren’t making  any steps, We are not even crawling, so how are We expecting to walk?

There is a constant talk about ‘organic’ foods and supplements, yet the sustainability of such food production is too expensive and that is a road to the never ending battles against genetically modified food advantages.

As long as there are endless deserted potential crop fields, the solution of the problem lies evident in the vast emptiness that ‘manufactures’ hunger. Once again, with all this technology, are We not able to come up with the solution? Are We so blind or did We simply stopped caring?

Food, water, shelter and health should be the cornerstones of Our civilization. But that’s another subject. So let’s keep on grinding on food production, which is the only possible solution of hunger. What I’m talking about is a simple concept.

We are never gonna be able to solve those very important issues that Our society is struggling with, if We continue to engage endless discussions without the real actions. Acta, non verba. Right?

But, how can We create any actions when We are not able to agree upon the words? We’re not able to come together as humans and help each other. We are slaves of Our own inert lifestyle, waiting for someone else to come and solve all of Our problems. Who are We waiting for? Or better yet, what is it that We’re waiting?

Thank You for Your time.

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.”– Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dominik Bartol

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