Natia Shakaia

Nearly 200 independent states exist in the world, however this number is not stable at all. Different organizations and countries show different number. For instance, some say that there may be 189 independent countries soma state -196.

Nowadays, most of the experts and authorities recognize 195 countries as independent ones. This number doesn’t include Palestine, Kosovo, Taiwan and many partly recognized countries.

The case is that out of 195 independent countires only small number can be concidered as developed ones. The muse of my story is not the country at all but a state in the city well known as Dubai.

From my personal view this city should be included in the list of world’s wonders. Dubai is the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. Its highest skyscrapers, incredible entertainment places and the biggest shopping center in the world and many other amazing places are the visit card for this place.

Currently, Dubai is considered as one of the most desirable places to live and to rest. Dubai is also known as one of the richest oil exporter city. I tried to find out how from nothing this place became the most wanted place in the world.

About 5 000 thousand years ago Dubai was completely covered by the sand. Oil and trade – these are two main sources that brought success to Dubai. Billions were invested to reach this goal, and it is worth it.

Dubai began its development from local perspective. For example, I found out that Dubai has a very reasonably constructed bus stops. The government thinks that it is the best way to attract tourists with its 500 air-conditioned (A/C) and comfortable bus stops and free wifi access. This is a perfect however, too expensive example how to begin to build developed country. As for me, I use very often buses but in my county public transport is not as comfortable as in Dubai. If I was in the government I would take an example and would build bus stops like this. As a student I know what young people (not only) need to feel comfortable while transporting. This could be a one of the best ways to reduce fumes in the city and it would have a positive impact on a global development. I imagine perfect future with the less cars and more buses.

Dubai intends to be not one of the most developed countries but the most developed one. Why not? If Dubai continues its development locally it is clearly possible to reach global success.

City of Dreams is 22nd in the list of the most expensive cities in the world. Hotel rooms are rated as the second most expensive ones. For example the hotel “Burj Al Arab” which is known as the only 7 star hotel in the world. Dubai has 3.8 billion metro projects consisting from two lines (red and green). And of course, we should not forget famous Burk Khalifa- the highest artificial building (829.8 m).

What is main secret for the development of this place? II think that this city knows very well how to use maximally its local sources and where to invest them for the global impact.

The main aim of my topic is to tell you that this place could be great example of how far the city can go and how to be a role model for developing countries. Dubai proves that nothing is impossible, this is the place where everything can happen. If we take a look at the past, we will see that this place was nothing but a desert full of sand. So how they managed to develop this city? Well we can assume that after a billion of investment Dubai turned out to be one of the desirable places. One question arises to me? Was it worth to spend so many resources? But why not, I read a book “I am Malala” by Malala Yousufzai, she wrote that many people from her country could go to Dubai to work, because there are many buildings. This means that many people could be employed there, so I think that this important step to reduce the number of unemployed people.

Natia Shakaia

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