Natia Shakaia

Once one of the famous writer said: “The poverty is like a punishment for the crime that you have not committed”. The poverty can be compared to disability. It is a condition when you have a will to do something but you are not able to. Unfortunately, in the most cases we are not able to choose our condition.

Sometimes a question arises to me, is it possible in the world that all people could live equally, so as we could not distinguish the poor from the rich?

Obviously, it is far beyond the reality. It is impossible that everybody could live equally. The tolerance is something that helps us to survive in this world, so many things depends on our tolerance. I wish those people, who have а bit more than others share the wealth. But I know that it is almost unbelievable that one rejects his/her comfort for the other’s good will. Fortunately these kinds of people exist in the world but they are very small number. I would like to discuss with the examples of poverty prevention in different countries:

For example in India begging is considered to be one of the professions. People are waiting for the alms from the government but this is not correct, ordinary people also should give assistance for people in need.

I definitely agree with one of the frases of Mahatma Ghandi. He says that “the poverty is the worst form of violence”

The violence cannot be defeated by violence. For example, Norway which is considered world’s one of the richest country decided to fine everyone who would ask for help in the streets. In my opinion this is not good decision for the developed and powerful country like Norway. We should take a good example from UN (United Nations), in 1987 they decided to build shelters for homeless and poor people. If every country will follow UN we will reduce the number of poverty.

In Wellington council, the city of New Zealand, consider that begging in the streets is vital for some but for other it is kind of business.

They reckon that the majority of beggars use their “income” in a wrong way, for example they buy alcohol or even drugs. Well, you never predict how they use the money you gave them. In Wellington, they decided to give vouchers to beggars, which will control the kind of product they buy.

I really think that this could be a good idea. It could help poor people to use their earnings in proper and healthy way. It also may decrease the number of deaths in the streets.

Natia Shakaia

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